Rugby Motivational Patches

The aim of the patches are to reward children within rugby coaching sessions and matches.

Winning and losing has been a component within all sports these days but these patches are developed to help coaches/teacher/volunteer coaches etc to help look at players individually within the team sport. The performance of young players is way more important than the outcome.

Coaches can purchase patches individually and give them out to their own coaching group or a rugby club can purchase them. If they are handed out on a very regular basis then they loose their importance. Give out sparingly and also at the relevant times and for the correct reasons is the key to using these motivational patches.

It is important that the coaches understand what the patches “mean” and therefore know why they are giving them out.

We all know that within a game environment individual player’s, do individual work that helps the team. These patches fully endorse the child’s effort, commitment and skills within the arena and therefore giving a child a patches for their efforts will help promote the intrinsic values we try and enhance as coaches from playing a sport.

The badges are aimed at 5 – 10 year olds.

When a child receives a patch they then iron them on to their rugby shirts or any garment. They are designed to be ironed onto and up a sleeve of a garment, back of a shirt etc. We recommend that you also sew them onto the garment in the case the glue dries out

" A "

This patch can be used for :

Great Attitude

All Star

High Achievement Award

Great Attitude to listening

Athletic Ability

Attack Minded

Accuracy of Pass

Ankle Tap

" T "

This Patch can be used


Great Technique for a pass, catch, tackle etc



Tactically Aware

Great Try

Timing of Pass

Timing of Tackle

Tireless Effort

Team Player


Turns Up Early



This Patch can be used for

Great hands whilst passing

Weight of Pass

Great catch from a difficult pass

Great catch from a kick

Made a great pass


This Patch can be used for

Has a smiley face at all times

Has a positive positive under stress

Is positive around others

Makes others feel happy

Was kind to another player

" S "

This Patch is used for

Speed of movement

Great Skill Development

Goose Step

Great Side Step to create a line break

Great Speed to make a cover tackle

Great Speed to run into spaces and not into faces.

A great level of  Skill within the session

Sacrifice for the team


This Patch can be used for

Footwork to create space for others

Footwork to get out of contact

Correct speed of footwork

A great kick within the game

Learning the skill of Place kicking

Learning the skills of Drop Goals


The player has shown his fellow players or a coach a willingness to go beyond what is expected.


This badge is used for that player who is a WINNER on this particular day.


This badge is used for that player who has shown great skills with his hands, in passing or catching.


This badge is used for those players who play or train with a smile on their faces.


This badge is used for that player who has shown athletic speed in attack, in defence etc.


This badge is used for that player who has two defender ready to tackle him and he shows amazing …

Buy Badges Pack

Mini Pack

60 patches in total.
6 designs x 10 patches of each
Price: €65

Midi Pack

180 patches in total
6 designs x 30 patches of each
Price: €179

Maxi Pack

600 patches in total
6 designs x 100 patches of each
Price: €526

How to iron-on your patch

  • All patches MUST be ironed by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Make sure that the iron is very hot.
  • Place the patch on the desired garment in the desired place.
  • Place iron on top of the patch directly and move the iron over the patch for 35-55 seconds. This will give time to the glue to melt and then stick to the garment. 
  • Keep pressing the iron hard down onto the patch for the 35-55 seconds.
  • With some irons you may have to keep the hot iron on the patch for longer to make it stick. 
  • Due to the nature of the game and the climate that rugby is played in, these patches WILL loose their stickability. 
  • It is highly recommended that you also sew the patch on your garment. You can stitch completely around the patch or stitch the 3 corners. 

If you have any questions, please contact us

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